ohh pleaseee

actually i dont know that you sincerely love me or not . i dont know what you feel to me . FYI only youu i havee  . but myb i the girl who made you bored . 

dear hunny ,
i thuu youu really shock bile ad budakk suruh youu tukar relationship dkat fb , and diaa cakap diaa boyfiee i .
actually it not truth . dia penipuuuu . sumpahhh . im so sorry about that . and i really dont know that guy .memamgg susahh kn youu nk percayaa . tp ......... 
bilee bangun jeaa pagi td macam tk rasee lain sangat . ohhhh pleasee god help me . i just love him :'(
takot sangat . tk thu nk buat apee lg , skrg cumee nk nangessssss jeaa . hati nihhhh sakit sangat . last thing i alwayss loves youuuuu :')

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